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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Metro Atlanta’s jobless rate holds steady at 4.5 percent

Atlanta’s unemployment rate in May held steady at 4.5 percent

MAP MONDAY: Mid-June Drought Update for Georgia

How was the 2017 summer drought progressed? Or regressed?

Georgia environmental group celebrating its 20th anniversary

For two decades the group has given conservationists a voice on issues ranging from clean water to climate change.

Pipeline in Alabama, Georgia, Florida set to open soon

A 515-mile underground natural gas pipeline in Alabama, Georgia and Florida is expected to be fully operational by the end of the month.

Georgia’s jobless rate dips to 4.9 percent in May

Seasonal job rates down in Georgia

Woman sues Publix over husband’s death after fall into fryer

A Georgia woman whose husband died after falling into a deep fryer has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the grocery chain.

Toshiba to help Plant Vogtle expansion funded

Relief is on the way for Southern Company's Plant Vogtle.

Delta, airport file flight plan to restore Flint river water

Delta Air Lines and Atlanta’s airport are joining forces as part of an initiative to support conservation projects on the Flint River, which starts just north of the airport — then flows under it. The Flint River supplies water to Georgia cities and farms, then to Florida’s Apalachicola Bay.

Atlanta restaurant reopens 2 months after child dies there

Remember the restaurant where the little child was smashed between the revolving wall? It has now re-opened two months after the death.

FTC, State of Georgia Obtain Court Order Permanently Halting Electronics Buyback...

The court also ordered the company’s owner to pay more than $42 million.

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