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Friday, September 22, 2017

Column: ObamaCare Medicaid expansion is bad for Georgia

"But beyond being fiscally irresponsible, ObamaCare Medicaid expansion is immoral—and it threatens our most vulnerable neighbors. The expansion’s perverse funding structure incentivizes states to siphon resources away from the truly needy to help pay for the cost overruns. "

Faith & Freedom’s Dave Baker – Marijuana – “No Medical Benefit”

"MJ is a schedule I drug” at which point a heckler from the audience is heard shouting “You’re way over!” which Baker would reply “Thank you.   Which means it is highly addictive and has no medical benefit.”

FAITH: Nurturing Your First Love Daily

Most of us live a busy life, drinking from the fountain of endless energy, we often notice that we are so busy that we neglect our first love - The Lord

COLUMN: Dark cloud lingers over football as season begins

Roughly coinciding with the start of training camps around the country, from high schools to colleges to the NFL, we got perhaps the most disturbing report yet confirming what we already knew. Football is really, really bad for your health.

Column: Down in the muck with Drag Queen Story hour

OPINION - The story hours have come under fire. Is this about giving everyone equal access to books or is this a political social agenda? Jane Robins discusses.

End your car lease without getting dinged

Your car lease is ending soon. Looking at the dent in the driver’s door, you wonder if you’ll be charged for it. Or maybe you’ve exceeded the mileage limit and you’re bracing for a big hit. But you can avoid common issues like these if you know how the game is played.

Column: When God is in the classroom

As most public schools across Georgia start back this week, we would like to share this message of selflessness from a teacher. Good luck students and teachers. Have a great school year!

Senator Jack Hill: Georgia’s a Winner by Almost Any Comparison

The most recent comments from State Senator Jack Hill ->

COLUMN: Mistakes Happen

For those of you that may have made a mistake in some point in your life - I say to you - pick up your head, put a smile on your face, stay encouraged, walk proud, because there's always someone out there that has made a mistake just like you. Learn from it and help others.

COLUMN: A scolding and a comeback for Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy didn’t need another scolding from his caddie or a reminder of what he had to do. By the time he arrived for...

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