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Friday, February 23, 2018

COLUMN: After Nassar, still a battle to protect athletes

One by one, dozens of gymnasts have bravely recounted the sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of disgraced doctor Larry Nassar , unleashing a catharsis of emotions while extracting some small measure of justice from the monster who stole their childhood.

COLUMN: Tattnall Commissioners Shrug Off Breaking Law in Workshop Meeting

The following article contains opinion throughout the piece and reflects only the opinion of the author and not necessarily those of AllOnGeorgia. Questions and...

COLUMN: Kim Jong Un plays the Olympics like a champion

North Korea suddenly making nice for the duration of next month’s Olympic Games in South Korea, putting seven decades of enmity on hold for 16 days with its offers to send athletes and entertainers across their heavily militarized border, won’t fundamentally change what happens next.

Ask Brianna: Should I tell my partner I’m in serious debt?

"I’m overwhelmed by student loan and credit card debt, and I’m embarrassed to admit it to my partner. Should I come clean?"

Religion Column: Bite Your Tongue

The following article is an opinion piece by the author and represents the views of only the author and not necessarily those of AllOnGeorgia.   Bite...

COLUMN: Is Georgia’s rural education plan for rural Georgia?

Column: Is Rural Development Council's recommendations about the betterment of rural Georgia? Are the Council's recommendations to premature for legislation?

COLUMN: Can Smart take down Saban? Check back in a few...

"hen Kirby Smart returned to his alma mater, he already had a pretty good template for success. He might as well have been wearing a wrist band with the letters “WWND.” What Would Nick Do?"

COLUMN: Evans County Can Do More with Less

The following article is an opinion piece by the author and contains editorialized content. The opinions reflected below reflect the views of only the...

Goodbye 2017, and take your unicorns with you

You know all those things you wish would disappear but won’t? Us, too. Highlights of the things we’re over in 2017:

COLUMN: Rural Georgia Set to Get Shafted by Rural Development Council...

Jessica Szilagyi on what our state legislators plan to do about rural Georgia -- "My greatest disappointment in this list of recommendations is that the Council did not conclude that government is one of the greatest inhibitors of growth in rural communities (and that the Council thinks 124 of 159 Georgia counties are "rural."
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