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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Request denied: States try to block access to public records

Lawmakers supporting the limits say other concerns such as security, privacy and business interests can outweigh the public’s right to information in specific cases.

Tax cuts quiet once-deafening GOP call for fiscal discipline

Tax cuts in the works could add hundreds of billions of dollars to the debt while bipartisan pressure for more money for defense, infrastructure and domestic agencies could mean almost $100 billion in additional spending next year alone.

Still no charity money from leftover Trump inaugural funds

Eight months after raising $107 million, Trump insiders tell The Associated Press there is confusion about how much money the committee has left.Eight months after raising $107 million, Trump insiders tell The Associated Press there is confusion about how much money the committee has left.

Cuba mystery: What theories US investigators are pursuing

Whatever is harming U.S. diplomats in Havana, it’s eluded the doctors, scientists and intelligence analysts scouring for answers. Investigators have chased many theories, including a sonic attack, electromagnetic weapon or flawed spying device.

Trump demands ESPN apologize for anchor’s tweets

President Donald Trump is calling on ESPN to apologize days after one of the sports network’s anchors called him a “white supremacist” and “bigot.”

Transgender troops can re-enlist in military …for now

In a memo to top military leaders, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said a high-level panel will determine how to implement Trump’s ban on transgender individuals in the military.

Judge: Sessions can’t deny grant money for sanctuary cities

Attorney General Jeff Sessions can’t follow through — at least for now — with his threat to withhold public safety grant money to Chicago and other so-called sanctuary cities for refusing to impose new tough immigration policies.

Trump tests loyal base with immigration flirtation with Dems

Few issues have animated President Donald Trump’s ardent supporters more than his pledge to build a wall along the nation’s Southern border.

Sanders bill expands Medicare for all, lacks details on cost

Americans would get health coverage simply by showing a new government-issued card and would no longer owe out-of-pocket expenses like deductibles, according to legislation Sen. Bernie Sanders released Wednesday charting a stem-to-stern reshaping of the country’s health care system. However, he does not discuss the overall cost.

VIDEO: Sec. Perdue Calls on Congress to Fix Forest Service Fire...

Perdue argued that taking funds from prevention efforts only leaves behind more fuel in the forests for future fires to burn, exacerbating the situation.

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