The City of Manassas in Tattnall County, population just 96, seems too small to even have any problems. But it seems just the opposite is true.

The 494 acre town on the northeast side of Tattnall has awakened amid controversy that led one councilwoman to resign in the middle of her term and the mayor to file a police report against a resident attending meetings.

Audrey and Tom Baugh hadn’t been residents of Manassas long before Audrey was elected to serve her neighbors in the city, but as reported on the site her and husband launched in November 2016, Leech City, things went south quickly when council members were allegedly asked to meet in a closed door meeting that violated Georgia’s Open Meetings Act. Tensions grew when Baugh refused to participate and began asking questions about finances and practices within the city. Baugh also took exception to a member of the council voting to approve minutes for a meeting at which they were not present.

After hitting brick walls in her attempt to obtain city financial documents in her official capacity as councilwoman, Open Records Requests were filed by Tom Baugh, many of which have yet to be filled. Baugh reports that he requested his Open Records Requests be stamped as “received” by the city for his own records, however, employees at City Hall refused.

Baugh resigned and posted a letter of resignation on the website, where she details some of the issues encountered. “I will not continue to participate in what I believe is an emotionally charged, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants government which could very well put the city’s citizens at risk,” she wrote.

A representative from AllOnGeorgia was present at the December council meeting when Mayor Wanda Rogers attempted to give Baugh her final check for service on the council in the amount of $15, and after some discussion between the two, Baugh accepted the check.

The next Manassas Council meeting is Monday, January 9 at 7:30 p.m.

This article has been corrected to reflect the correct spelling of Baugh. Additionally, it was previously reported that Audrey Baugh did not accept her final paycheck, but in fact she did.

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