Photo: Georgia House of Representatives

State representative Billy Mitchell wants to see the Georgia General Assembly allocate additional funds for teachers working at schools where there is a high percentage of low-income families.

The legislation titled the “Quality Basic Education Act” calls on legislators to find funds in the budget to allow the State Board of Education to create a program of incentive pay to recruit and retain quality teachers in schools where there is a high number of low-income families.

The bill would allow the State Board of Education to set up incentives by way of salary increases or bonuses but would require a hard line criteria for qualified teachers and schools that could participate.

The bill would also press local boards of education to provide a list of qualified teachers to the Georgia Department of Education

Mitchell wants the local school districts to have specific financial assistance provided. The hope is to ensure that the state academic standards are met by students all around the state regardless of socioeconomic status.

You can read the bill in its entirety here.

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Jessica Szilagyi is statewide contributor for All On Georgia and Market Manager for Southeast Georgia. Her main focus with All On Georgia is state and local politics as well as agriculture. She’s served as a policy analyst at the State Capitol and as a campaign manager in political races across the state.

She writes for and has two blogs of her own: ‘The Perspicacious Conservative’, a political blog, and ‘Hair Blowers to Lawn Mowers’, a blog on moving from Atlanta to rural Georgia. Jessica is also a contributor for Fox5 Atlanta’s ‘Like it Or Not.’


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