Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp and Labor Commissioner Mark Butler are working to inform business owners of a mass mail scam targeted at Georgia’s small businesses.

The duo says Georgians should ignore threatening mailers from “Labor Poster Services,” which produce official-looking mail about labor compliance and attempts to collect unpaid document fees. The notices cite federal law and threaten thousands of dollars in fines if a business owner does not comply.

“This entity is soliciting businesses by scaring people into buying overpriced labor law posters,” stated Secretary Kemp. “Do not fall for this gimmick simply because it looks like a government-issued notice. Although it looks official, it is nothing more than a mass mailer, and you are not required to purchase products from this company.”

Under Georgia law, it is not illegal for companies to solicit business in this manner and is up to the consumer to research which requirements with which they must comply. Businesses can always confirm with the Secretary of State’s office if there is uncertainty.

If your business receives scam mail or other suspicious solicitations, please contact:

  • Secretary of State’s Corporations Division at (404) 656-2817 or
  • Department of Law’s Office of Consumer Protection at (404) 651-8600


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Jessica Szilagyi is statewide contributor for All On Georgia and Market Manager for Southeast Georgia. Her main focus with All On Georgia is state and local politics as well as agriculture. She’s served as a policy analyst at the State Capitol and as a campaign manager in political races across the state.

She writes for and has two blogs of her own: ‘The Perspicacious Conservative’, a political blog, and ‘Hair Blowers to Lawn Mowers’, a blog on moving from Atlanta to rural Georgia. Jessica is also a contributor for Fox5 Atlanta’s ‘Like it Or Not.’