You may not get as many Georgia peaches as you would have like thanks to Mother Nature and a warmer winter.

The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension office predicts a shortage in peach yield due to insufficient chill hours. Normally, peaches need a minimum of 500 to 800 chill hours, but the 2016-17 winter has come up roughly 300 chill hours short. The chill hours, which are defined as hours below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, are essential to the production of the crop.

The shortage means many crops have been unable to break dormancy and transition from a closed bud to a fruit. March is usually the bloom period, but the delays could push back the bloom dates to mid-April.

Many of the peaches that do meet production standards may be deformed looking, but will not have a different flavor.

The UGA Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development, reports that Georgia peaches brought in more than $48.9 million in 2015.