Photo: Georgia House Photo

Newly elected state representative Matt Gurtler (R-Tiger) has filed his first piece of legislation which is HB 156 entitled the “Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2017”.

From his Facebook page, Rep. Gurtler describes the bill as follows;

If this bill becomes law, a law-abiding citizen would be able to open or conceal carry a pistol in Georgia, essentially making the weapons permit an option in Georgia.

You can still acquire a Georgia Weapons License as well for reciprocity with other states. Nothing changes to areas one can carry.

We, law abiding citizens, shouldn’t have to ask permission, pay a tax, be treated as criminals and fingerprinted to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights. We know criminals do not follow the law anyway, this bill is simply attempting to restore some of our constitutional rights here in Georgia.

HB 156 has five other members of the House of Representatives as co-sponsors of the measure and it will likely be assigned to the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee for their consideration.

11 states in the United States are currently “Constitutional Carry” states, including Missouri, whose new law went into effect January, 1 2017.  The bill in Missouri was vetoed by the Governor, which caused a backlash among grassroots voters.  Not long after the objections were raised by voters, the state legislature swiftly moved and overrode the Governor’s veto.

The Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2017 can be viewed here:

HB 156 2017-2018 Regular Session

A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend Article 1 of Chapter 3 of Title 12 of the O.C.G.A., relating to general provisions regarding parks, historic areas, memorials, and recreation, so as to revise provisions of law regarding the use or possession of any handgun in a park, historic

Published by Stephen Allison.