Everyone knows Starbucks. The green lady enticing passersby into the store with the smell of coffee and ambiance lighting can be found on at least one street corner in every town. If there isn’t a standalone store, there is probably a Starbucks in the local Kroger.

As convenient as Starbucks is, local coffee shops and roasters have been on the rise and seemingly popping up everywhere. Thankfully, for those that enjoy a good cup of coffee, Statesboro is home to several local coffeehouses.

The Daily Grind, Cool Beanz, and Three Tree are the three main local coffee places people think of when wanting a more personal atmosphere and a caffeine kick. Few know that they are all connected.

Three Tree owners Philip and Anna Klayman would go to The Daily Grind on dates when they were dating in college. David Hoyle, owner of Cool Beanz, used to buy the Klayman’s coffee beans for his store before he started experimenting with roasting beans himself. The Daily Grind has been around since 2000 and now operated by a former college employee.

The Klayman’s have been involved in the coffee scene before even settling down with their Three Tree idea. They had worked in specialty coffee in Athens for two and a half years before moving to Statesboro. After ordering coffee online to make at home, they decided to try roasting it themselves.

We bought this one pound roaster called the Huky 500 that we just took out to our back porch and started roasting and it was definitely a learning process,” Philip Klayman laughed.

After a rough start, they started sharing their coffee with friends who encouraged them to start selling the beans they were roasting. Selling roasted coffee beans expanded to selling the coffee beans at the farmer’s market in the fall.

The couple continues to participate in and have a soft spot for the farmer’s market since it gave them the foothold they needed in the community for wider recognition. Statesboro was officially home to Three Tree Coffee Roasters in 2015.

The Daily Grind has been open since 2000 and Rebecca Wildi, the current owner, has been in charge for the last six years.

“I worked here while I was a student at Georgia Southern and when it went for sale I just decided to buy it with a friend,” Wildi said.

She was a geology major at Georgia Southern University but is happy to be working the coffee shop instead. Wildi has a good relationship with the Klayman’s and gets the espresso and other kinds of coffee beans from Three Tree for the coffee she sells at The Daily Grind.

David Hoyle, Cool Beanz Espresso Bar owner, can talk as long as you please about the science of brewing good coffee. He knows that a few seconds difference in roasting a bean makes all the difference in flavor when it’s brewed.

As I made their coffee, I’m always wanting to learn stuff, as in any kind of industry you want to always keep learning and so I started asking questions about roasting,” Hoyle said.

Hoyle started Cool Beanz using roasted beans from Three Tree Roasters but wanted to experiment with roasting himself. The start of his fascination came from a trip to South America, where he was able to see the growing and and roasting processes himself.

The difference in taste experience between South American coffee and coffee from the U.S. was a surprise to Hoyle, who used to never drink coffee black.

“The fact that I could drink coffee without crème and sugar and not gag or spit it back out was amazing and as I talked to the people I was working with they told me it was fresh coffee, it was grown in country and it had been roasted to where you could really taste the difference,” Hoyle said.

Great taste is only part of what draws the local crowds. Each place has a unique feel that the average Starbucks just doesn’t quite have.

We really stress the whole package, that’s something we always talk with our staff about and remind ourselves about is that a brand is an experience,” Klayman said.

Hoyle agrees, believing each shop has its own “roasting philosophy.”

Each coffee shop in town takes great pride in the product and image it shares with the community. The effort and care put into each cup of coffee shows through the consistent and smooth flavors.

If students or residents are looking for a comfortable environment and good coffee, there is a coffeehouse that will fit any mood and still represent the personalities of the owners.