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In recent years, Southeastern Technical College (STC) has continuously expanded its list of available programs that are offered to current and incoming students. In doing this, STC has remained a competitive and diversified school that offers students access to a variety of programs that appeal to them.

The most recent example of expansion can be seen in the creation of a new program that broadens the current Business Technology program into a medical specialization called Business Healthcare Technology. Currently, this program educates students on accounting fundamentals and emphasizes the use of software and technology to exercise proper office management. In addition to this, the Business Healthcare Technology program teaches healthcare regulations and terminology while also providing the student with experience in a healthcare office setting.

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Mirran Brown is a current STC student who began her collegiate career in pursuit of the Business Technology diploma and then moved on to the Business Technology degree program. Wanting a more specialized degree, she further advanced her degree by becoming a part of the new Business Healthcare Technology program.

As part of the STC Work Study program, Mirran was able to translate skills she learned from the classroom into a real life work environment. Through previous work experience, she was able to utilize these skills and succeed in a medical office setting. With all of the required classes offered online, they did not interfere with her career endeavors.

In addition to the Work Study Program, Brown is a member of SkillsUSA and says that many of the SkillsUSA competitions helped prepare her for reading medical documents and understanding medical terminology.

“Everything I needed to know for the office, I learned at Southeastern Tech,” states Brown. She states that this degree has provided her with valuable hands on experience that makes her a more competent and competitive employee.

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