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Saint Marys Public Works Director, Bobby Marr faced many questions from the Saint Marys City Council regarding a major water line break that closed City offices on April 28. A nine-inch pipe had a “blow off” that prevented other valves from working due to water flow.
The system was “down” or inoperative about seven hours. To complete repairs the entire system had to be shut down, to less than twenty psi.
There was a boil water advisory, but no contamination was found. Mr. Marr stressed that all health and safety guidelines were met or exceeded. All lab tests were good and at 12 Noon on Sunday, the boil water advisory was rescinded.
Councilman Nutter wondered, “Who did it and how?” Mr. Marr replied that the matter was under investigation. The main pipe was a large twelve-inch pipe, the hole was full of water, that had to be drained which delayed work. (The fault was in a nine-inch branch fed by this twelve inch

Councilman Reilly inquired about notifications, and City Manager Holman answered that he made personal contacts and provided updates, contacting everyone he could. He focused on the St. Marys businesses and restaurants. Fire Chief Horton and Police Chief Hatch were ready to respond in anyway needed. City Manager Holman noted that a Code Red was issued.

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City Manager Holman noted that a Code Red was issued. Councilman Nutter asked, “When?” Mr. Marr was hesitant to discuss details due to the ongoing investigation. A resident of St. Marys on Code Red, only discovered the water main break at the library that was closed. The boil water advisory was well known to the restaurants but a survey of residents resulted in a general lack of knowledge of the situation.

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