Student from schools around Georgia will walk to school Wednesday as part of the 8th Annual Georgia Walk to School Day.


The event, organized by the Georgia Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School Resource Center, emphasizes the importance of pedestrian and bicycle safety, physical activity, concern for the environment, and building connections between communities.

In a press release, the Georgia DOT said:

Georgia Walk to School Day helps school communities achieve goals related to student well-being, public health, and safety, including:

  • Enhancing health by increasing the amount of physical activity, especially through walking and biking to school
  • Improving air quality by reducing automobile emissions in the school zone
  • Making the streets safer by relieving traffic congestion and promoting pedestrian safety

“Georgia Walk to School Day continues to be a flagship spring event for SRTS. We have so many schools participate year after year and welcome all of the schools participating for the first time,” said Katelyn DiGioia, GDOTs SRTS coordinator. “The Georgia SRTS Resource Center website and School Outreach Coordinators have great materials and tools to make events a success.”

For more information on this event, click or call 1.877.436.8927.